BIll Peiffer hooked up on the Maria Teresa

Bill Peiffer hooked up on the Maria Teresa

“We have been on the Maria Teresa 4 times. We have had great luck each time out catching Dorado and Tuna with one day of three large Wahoo. I can’t wait for the season and hope that the fishing is as good as last year. See you when we can Capitan!!! Thank You.”

– Bill & Barbara Peiffer. West Hills, California

Marc Correll and kids with Red Snapper

Marc Correll and kids with Red Snapper

“Last summer my family and I came down to Los Barriles for a much needed vacation. We knew ahead of time about the María Teresa and were looking forward to being able to fish on her. We met the boat owner and Captain the day before we were scheduled to go out. They were both very friendly and knowledgeable about not only the boat, but the area and where exactly to go fishing. The next day they took the three of us out, myself and my two sons Carter and Christian who are seven and nine. We had the most epic day out there fishing. We caught Amberjack, Yellowfin, Rockfish, a Red Snapper, and Yellowtail. I was concerned that the boys were going to be worried about being out in rough seas but they took us to an area that was completely glassy and we were hooked up all day. The next day I went out with just the captain and hooked up on several very large tuna. All I can say is it was the best choice that we could’ve made to go with the María Teresa. Thank you so much and we will see you again next summer!”
~ Mark Correll. San Marcos, California