The 13th Annual Dorado Shoot Out

13th annual dorado shootout. Van Wormer Resorts


The 13th Annual Dorado Shoot Out in Los Barriles was memorable in more ways than one. One-hundred and forty-one boats competed this year, and $126,000 in prize money plus a Toyota truck were given away. The Amante brought in a 52.5 pound dorado, and most thought this boat would take home the prize. Just A little while later, El Tio arrived with a 57.3 pound Bull. Confident that their team had won the tournament, they began to celebrate with champagne and tequila. They had already started to divvy up the money, when events turned for the worst for them. Thirty minutes later Don Julio showed up with the biggest Dorado the tournament had seen in ten years. It weighed in at 61.4 pounds! The crew of El Tio was shocked, but conceded to Don Julio’s staff. The generous boat owner gave away the truck to the boat’s captain.

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